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We're very pleased with the cleaning of our rugs at Airloom Rugs. We will be dropping more rugs next week. Take Care.
Jackie Woods, Vicky and Scott
Thank you for cleaning & Restoring the rugs you picked up in Tucson, AZ. I appreciate you doing this service for me & sending them to California.
Shirley, Fresno LA
Not quite 4 years ago, we purchased a Zapotec rug from a gallery in Tubac. Over time, we discovered some stains on the rug, probably from dropped food. Nothing we had done in the past removed the stains, so we asked the store from which we purchased the rug who might be able to clean the rug and were referred to Air Loom Oriental Rug Washing. I spoke with Paul this morning about their wool rug cleaning methods, whether spot cleaning would work, the cost of cleaning, etc., and sent him some pictures of the rug and the stains. He suggested that we flip the rug over to see if the stains had penetrated to the other side, and if not, we could avoid having to clean the rug until the flip side also got dirty. The stains had not penetrated and the rug now looks like new. Thanks, Paul, for the honest assessment, your brilliant suggestion, and for saving us the time and money of cleaning the rug before it needed to be done. I have passed on your contact information to several of our friends and will contact you when the time is right.
Vicki Gotkin, J.D.
I want to thank you for the excellent job that you did with cleaning my two Navajo rugs! Please pass along my gratitude to your associate as well, who removed the dye blud.
I will recommend you to anyone that I know.
John M
Laura Meyer
Rug is very gorgeous. Thank you
It is as clean as 1st purchase. Thanks. See you again.
Laura Meyer
Thank you Paul!
Beautiful job ... so nice to have our old friends take.
Happy Holiday
Kattey & Cris
Howdy All Carpet Care Folks!
Thank you, thank you so much! Ours are all down absolutely gorgeous! the red is so vibrant and white fringes really "POP"!
An idea that we learned from VT RugHookers Guild is that wash drying "Bounce" sheets keep moths away from wool items, i.e. clothing! We are so pleased with your quality of work and prompt collection and delivery!
Alan & Phyllis

Google Reviews

I used Airloom Oriental Rugs for 3 valuable rugs. They did an excellent job and were professional in every way punctual and very helpful for me in rearranging schedule because of illness in my family. I definitely will use this company in the future.
Louise Shields
I recently had two rugs cleaned by Airloom. In addition, one rug needed to be rersized and bound. Paul came by the house and picked up the larger rug and explained the cleaning process. I had already read reviews as well as their on-line description of their very specialized washing process. When I dropped off the second carpet at the shop to be washed and resized, Paul showed me their equipment and how they handle the rugs during the cleaning and washing process. He also arranged for the rug to be cut and bound. The work was done beautifully, Paul explained it that it had to be done by hand and the carpet looked perfect when it was returned. Paul is understandably proud of the work they do and his concern and enthusiasm show when he deals with customers. Carpets, especially vintage, oriental rugs need to be handled carefully and Airloom's process is unique and done with care--He was recommended to me, and I would recommend him to anyone concerned about leaving an heirloom carpet in someone else's hands! Thanks Paul.
David Soffrin
I wanted an old Navajo rug cleaned. Airloom was recommended to me. I couldn't be more pleased with the service. Very professional. Did a great job. Personalized.
Christopher Overlock
It is always a great pleasure for me to discover a company that is as efficient and dependable as Airloom. Thanks.
Bob Campbell
AWESOME Company. Very knowledgeable about rugs. Had them clean 2 very Old and Dirty rugs and when I got them back-AMAZING! The colors game back and they look new! Paul is super nice and accommodating. Highly recommend
I called Airloom Rug Washing to give me advice on what to do with an old family heirloom rug that had been in a flood in my house. Mike came out and took the time to educate me on the kind of rug that I had, the value of it as an antique Persian rug, and his recommendation for cleaning it after the flood damage. When they delivered the rug back to me it was gorgeous. The colors were brighter and they took the time to place it perfectly in my living room. I highly recommend this company.
Barbara Heller
thoroughly cleaned my carpets. great service
Barbara Kennedy
Airloom Oriental Rug Washing Company is awesome! They have great customer service, did an excellent job cleaning my Turkish, Turkmen and Eritrean carpets, and knew more about my carpets than I did! ;o) They were very accommodating in setting up time to pick up and drop off my carpets outside of Tucson. They were super nice employees, they were super knowledgable in their trade and my carpets look super! I waited years to have my carpets cleaned and I am so happy to have waited for them to come along.
Marisa F
Paul is amazing. I had a rug wreaking of animal odor, and after taking it to Airloom, it was free of ANY smell and literally sparkled it was so clean. The team is wonderful, fast, and will always have my business for carpet cleaning!
Leah Lang
I was hesitant to spend money to redo a few oriental rugs which had recently been steamcleaned using traditional methods but were still “dirty.” I was having Airliom look at some other wool/oriental rugs and Paul said he’d redo one of the recently cleaned ones for free as a test to show me the difference. Huge difference! Since several of my rugs were rather fragile, I asked about the process they use at Airloom, unlike anything I’d ever heard of. Amazing process, as are the results. Also impressed with low use of chemicals on fragile rugs and environment. And both Paul and Mike gave me a ton of info on my rugs regarding origin, age, style, and value. I’ll never go back to regular steam cleaning. So grateful to have found this wonderful company. Pricier than some but well worth the extra cost.
Mary Hetland
Thanks for your help! The rug looks and smells great!
Debra Webber
we could not have picked a better place to have our rug cleaned. after having our rug for a week and putting it through the cleaning process which is extensive the owner called and said he was not satisfied with the outcome and wanted to reprocess the rug,( it was extreemily dirty when they picked it up) would we mind waiting another week and there would not be any additional charge. when we did receive it back we were more than satisfied with the outcome.we highly recommend this company. they were a little more expensive than some others we contacted but we feel it was well worth the extra. you get what you pay for.
robert dumm
I am extremely pleased with the service that Paul and his Airloom Rug Washing Co. provided for my two Chinese wool rugs. Paul painstakingly saw through the entire process of these rugs transported from Lake Tahoe, to his business, to my house. He had a tough task of making these 50 year old rugs look brand new. As you can see, he accomplished just that!

Yelp Reviews

Our beautiful Navajo rug was terribly stained over New Years - red wine as it turns out. My wife called them and they picked it up in less than an hour. And it was returned to us beautifully cleaned in just a few days. The red wine stain was gone. The rug looked better than it did when be bought it. Airloom also made a new padding for this rug which fits perfectly. I don't know what Janet was talking about in her review - but her experience was nothing like ours.

If you have an oriental or Native American rug, I can't imagine any better work or service than we experienced.
David L.
So excited to share how happy I was to find a local company that cleans rugs properly! Paul explained how he cleans rugs just as a rucleaner I used many years ago. Our rug was picked up, cleaned and returned the same week! It is so clean and soft. Overjoyed with their service! You won't be disappointed. Thank you Paul!
Becky W.
BEAUTIFUL RUGS - GREAT JOB! I gave Airloom five of my large rugs to clean. They picked them up and delivered them back to my home in a timely manner. My beloved rugs came back sparkling clean and rejuvenated with their original bright and beautiful colors. The three rugs my new puppy soiled look great now, with no remaining stains or odors. I found the owner, Paul, to be flexible, service oriented and customer-centric. He went beyond the call of duty helping me place the rugs as well. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing my beauties back to life. They look brand new. What a relief to find such a professional and service oriented business. This is now my Go-To rug cleaning company!
Dr. M.
These gentlemen were great! We took several area rugs that had never been cleaned. They have s unique technique of blowing out dirt and dust, spot cleaning, then cleaning with a solution and finally hang to dry. They wrapped for storage and delivered us the rugs!! Customer service like the old days! Terrific. Try them, you won't be sorry. The nicest, family type operation.
Robin M.
These guys are fabulous ! we gave them four of our Persian rugs to clean, they came back looking brand new. Great work and prompt service.
Arijit B.
We recently moved from California to Tucson. We had a house full of good rugs that were really dirty. Paul picked them up off the moving truck, washed them, cut new pads for each one and returned them 10 days later. They look fresh and vibrant. He was able to give me a bit of history/information on each one - even my grandmother's old Chinese rug. He is friendly, professional and does what he says he will do. I will use Airloom again. Thanks Paul!
Melissa M.
Airloom did an excellent job cleaning an oriental rug and a wool/linen rug. Very pleased with the results and highly recommend this business.
Katherine H.
We recently used AirLoom to clean all of the area rugs in our home. We have rugs of varying size & quality.

I spoke with Paul by phone & he explained their cleaning facility & process & fees. We set up an appointment & Paul & Ali came to our home. We finalized pricing, and they took our rugs on a Monday, promising to return them on Friday.

On Friday they returned with our incredibly clean rugs.

On both trips they were very careful when moving furniture to remove & replace the rugs, moving & replacing all necessary furniture.

AirLoom receives our highest recommendation for total service.
Tim H.
We live in the Elephant Head District south and east of Green Valley. Paul and Ali not only came out, picked up our Turkish rug but they brought it back to us when it was thoroughly cleaned. He was also thoughtful enough to provide table mover casters so we can now move the table more easily.
This rug was dirty. It had not been cleaned in years. Paul not only cleaned it twice, to get the kitty stains (pee & vomit) out of it, but he also ironed the fringe back to it's original shape.
We were then able to visit his shop, pick up a new heavy duty pad and view his cleaning process. His investment in equipment and the cleaning process reflects his commitment to being an leader in his field.
Steven W.
We recently renovated part of our house, and Paul and the folks at Airloom did a perfect job cleaning all our rugs. They were on time, easy to work with on return date (working around contractors) and I really can't say enough nice things about this company!
Jes W.

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