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Barbara Kennedy

thoroughly cleaned my carpets. great service.

Barbara Kennedy 3/2019

Barbara Leightenheimer

Color rich when returned AND fringe WHITE. They were on time and professional. Will use them again.
Barbara Leightenheimer 1/2019

robert dumm

we could not have picked a better place to have our rug cleaned. after having our rug for a week and putting it through the cleaning process which is extensive the owner called and said he was not satisfied with the outcome and wanted to reprocess the rug,( it was extreemily dirty when they picked it up) would we mind waiting another week and there would not be any additional charge. when we did receive it back we were more than satisfied with the outcome.we highly recommend this company. they were a little more expensive than some others we contacted but we feel it was well worth the extra. you get what you pay for.
robert dumm 8/2018

Debra Webber

Thanks for your help! The rug looks and smells great!
Debra Webber 8/2018


Airloom Oriental Rug Washing Company is awesome! They have great customer service, did an excellent job cleaning my Turkish, Turkmen and Eritrean carpets, and knew more about my carpets than I did! ;o) They were very accommodating in setting up time to pick up and drop off my carpets outside of Tucson. They were super nice employees, they were super knowledgable in their trade and my carpets look super! I waited years to have my carpets cleaned and I am so happy to have waited for them to come along.

Maria 1/2019

Leah Armbrust

Paul is amazing. I had a rug wreaking of animal odor, and after taking it to Airloom, it was free of ANY smell and literally sparkled it was so clean. The team is wonderful, fast, and will always have my business for carpet cleaning!

Leah Armbrust 10/2018

Mary Hetland

I was hesitant to spend money to redo a few oriental rugs which had recently been steamcleaned using traditional methods but were still “dirty.” I was having Airliom look at some other wool/oriental rugs and Paul said he’d redo one of the recently cleaned ones for free as a test to show me the difference. Huge difference! Since several of my rugs were rather fragile, I asked about the process they use at Airloom, unlike anything I’d ever heard of. Amazing process, as are the results. Also impressed with low use of chemicals on fragile rugs and environment. And both Paul and Mike gave me a ton of info on my rugs regarding origin, age, style, and value. I’ll never go back to regular steam cleaning. So grateful to have found this wonderful company. Pricier than some but well worth the extra cost.
Mary Hetland 8/2018


I am extremely pleased with the service that Paul and his Airloom Rug Washing Co. provided for my two Chinese wool rugs. Paul painstakingly saw through the entire process of these rugs transported from Lake Tahoe, to his business, to my house. He had a tough task of making these 50 year old rugs look brand new. As you can see, he accomplished just that!
roslynman 4/2018


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Katherine H.

Airloom did an excellent job cleaning an oriental rug and a wool/linen rug. Very pleased with the results and highly recommend this business.

Katherine H. Tucson, AZ - 4/24/2016

David L.

Our beautiful Navajo rug was terribly stained over New Years - red wine as it turns out. My wife called them and they picked it up in less than an hour. And it was returned to us beautifully cleaned in just a few days. The red wine stain was gone. The rug looked better than it did when be bought it. Airloom also made a new padding for this rug which fits perfectly. I don't know what Janet was talking about in her review - but her experience was nothing like ours.

If you have an oriental or Native American rug, I can't imagine any better work or service than we experienced.

David L. Chicago, IL - 2/4/2015

Tim H.

We recently used AirLoom to clean all of the area rugs in our home. We have rugs of varying size & quality.

I spoke with Paul by phone & he explained their cleaning facility & process & fees. We set up an appointment & Paul & Ali came to our home. We finalized pricing, and they took our rugs on a Monday, promising to return them on Friday.

On Friday they returned with our incredibly clean rugs.

On both trips they were very careful when moving furniture to remove & replace the rugs, moving & replacing all necessary furniture.

AirLoom receives our highest recommendation for total service.

Tim H. Tucson, AZ - 4/7/2015

Brad Holland

Airloom Oriental Rug Washing provides EXCELLENT service and cleaning for all my rugs. They came highly recommended from rug owners/dealers I respect and I have been extremely satisfied with their work. Without hesitation, I would recommend them for any and all your textiles... from the hallway throw to the museum quality collectible.

Jes W. Tucson, AZ - 3/16/2018

Jes W.

We recently renovated part of our house, and Paul and the folks at Airloom did a perfect job cleaning all our rugs. They were on time, easy to work with on return date (working around contractors) and I really can't say enough nice things about this company!

Jes W. Tucson, AZ - 9/28/2015

Steven W.

We live in the Elephant Head District south and east of Green Valley. Paul and Ali not only came out, picked up our Turkish rug but they brought it back to us when it was thoroughly cleaned. He was also thoughtful enough to provide table mover casters so we can now move the table more easily.

This rug was dirty. It had not been cleaned in years. Paul not only cleaned it twice, to get the kitty stains (pee & vomit) out of it, but he also ironed the fringe back to it's original shape.

We were then able to visit his shop, pick up a new heavy duty pad and view his cleaning process. His investment in equipment and the cleaning process reflects his commitment to being an leader in his field.

Steven W. Amado, AZ - 3/8/2015

Jeanne L.

Airloom did a fabulous job on cleaning an expensive Oriental rug. The fringe was dirty and nothing was working. Airloom picked up the carpet and had it back in one week with great results. The fringe looks like new! The owner was terrific!!!

Jeanne L. Tucson, AZ - 8/4/2013


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Molly Dreisinger

Paul and his helper came by on a Friday afternoon to look at a small Persian hand tied rug, a 8x11 Kaleem reversible rug and an 8x10 tufted wool area rug, and give me an estimate. Estimates were reasonable, so Paul & helper took the rugs for cleaning. Paul was extremely professional (and personable), writing up an estimate and explaining the procedure of washing the rugs on Wednesdays while returning them on Fridays. Paul also supplied estimates on new pads for the rugs; and showed me a sample of the pad (which are way softer than what was under the rugs!). They took the rugs on a Friday.

I called Paul on Thursday of the next week, as we were having our tile floors cleaned on Friday when he was scheduled to bring the rugs back. Before I could ask, Paul said that he wouldn't bring them on Friday, but could bring them Saturday; so the floors would have time to completely dry. We tentatively agreed to have him deliver the rugs on Saturday; and it all happened.

The rugs look absolutely fantastic! The new pad under each of the rugs make them feel more like walking on cushioned carpet. Clean tile and clean rugs makes our living and dining room areas look brand new! Paul also gave us advice on how to care for the rugs (now clean); and when major cleaning would be needed again (in 5-7 years, depending on usage).

I'll be recommending Paul to all my friends and neighbors who need to get oriental and other area rugs cleaned. Thanks, Paul!

Linda Hampton Oro Valley, AZ

Sherry Caldwell

They picked up four rugs, one a large oriental rug hand loomed in India, cleaned them and returned them. All rugs looked new again. We were extremely pleased with the results, the service and the cost.
M.G. Green Valley, AZ

Thao Tiedt

Cleaned two 8x10 fine area rugs. Used the Angie Coupon to get free pick and delivery plus $20 off. Did great work, knew their stuff and were very nice to deal with. Two guests who saw the rugs delivered (and had seen them before cleaning) decided to call Airloom for their fine area rug cleaning.
Connie & Thomas M Green Valley, AZ

Carole Kammer

I've used Paul 2 times already and have just called for another rug to be cleaned and a rug to be repaired. He does a fantastic job. He washes each rug individually at his shop and returns them quickly. They look new again. I will definitely use again.
Connie & Thomas M Tucson, AZ

Robert Seifried

I called Airloom Oriental Rug Washing on Monday, and the owner, Paul, made arrangements to pick up my rugs on the same day and they arrived on schedule. Moved my furniture, picked up my rugs, and answered various questions. He told me they wash on Wednesday and he would call with a time on Friday to return them which he did. Wow!! My rugs looked new again. Paul is very knowledgeable and both were most professional and courteous.
Connie & Thomas M Tucson, AZ

Katherine Hoff

I used Airloom Oriental Rug Washing to wash a Turkish rug.

The rug came back very clean and it looked a lot better. I would recommend them. They have a minimum and my rug was pretty small. I understand why they have to do that because they do offer delivery.

Connie & Thomas M Tucson, AZ

William Schmidt

Cleaned and delivered two large Persian carpets shipped from out-of-state. Not only was the work excellent, the company's owner emailed me a photograph of the carpets being cleaned! My dry cleaner has never sent me a picture of my shirts being ironed. Excellent personal attention from the start, including receiving the UPS shipment, scheduling the cleaning and delivery date and providing pads.

Connie & Thomas M Tucson, AZ

Norma Paulic

We had four area rugs cleaned recently by Airloom Oriental Rug Washing. They also repaired an area rug.

I was impressed by their expertise; he seemed to know what he was doing. He wasn't very timely about getting them back to us.

Connie & Thomas M Tucson, AZ

Sandra Phillips

Removed two matching room-size aubusson carpets, two Kashmir throw rugs and a Kashmir runner; carpets washed, dried, and returned as agreed.

One of the matching carpets was so dirty you couldn’t tell they were a matched set. The fringe was dark gray instead of white. Both rugs and the runner were in just as sad condition. I was hoping for improvement, but was amazed that all carpets and rugs were returned in like-new condition – including white fringe on all. The pair actually match again. I can’t say enough good things about the process used by Airloom.

Connie & Thomas M Tucson, AZ

H Bruce Miller

It was an excellent choice to have them cleaned. They were recommended to us by a rug store. We spent $250. For what they do their price was OK. We negotiated with them.
M. Allen Oro Valley, AZ

Patrice Brayer

I just moved to Tucson and after reading the great reviews of Airloom I had them clean 5 of my Persian rugs.

I can't recommend Paul highly enough! My rugs are beautiful, soft and so very clean. Customer service is professional and courteous - I felt valued as a customer. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Bill Tucson, AZ

Robert Kamilli

They cleaned a valuable oriental rug very thoroughly with no harm to the rug.
Bill Tucson, AZ

Kathy Dixon

The firm arrived exactly as promised and when I watched the rolled rug being placed in the back of the van, I noticed at least 12 other rugs there. I thought that they were definitely 'popular'. The rug was returned as scheduled and laid according to my wishes. I am definitely pleased with the quality of their work.
Bill Tucson, AZ

William Krauss

We had a wonderful experience. Paul showed up with a professional, cordial helper, answered our questions, provided an estimate, took our (wonderful) rug and returned it in like new condition. We had forgotten how vibrant the colors were.
Bill Tucson, AZ

Edgar Schrock

Airloom Oriental Rug Washing Co. cleaned my 8' x 10' vintage dhurrie rug.

I found Airloom Oriental Rug Washing Co. on Angie's List and saw all of the 'A' reviews. I decided to give them a call on Monday, July 22nd to get an estimate for cleaning. The owner answered and said that he could come over within 30 minutes and have a look at our rug. He arrived promptly, measured and assessed the cost, and wrote up a work order. He said that it would be delivered on Friday, July 26th.

Today, as stated, he delivered the rug and it is beautifully clean. I am very happy with the result. The whole transaction was seamless.

Bill Tucson, AZ

Beverly Cameron

During a heavy rain our roof developed a leak bringing a lot of water into our living and dining area both of which had Oriental rugs and underlay. We called Airloom immediately because we knew we had to have the rugs dried before mildew set in. Airloom came to our home within two hours and took the two carpets and two underlays to be cleaned and dried. They then brought all four pieces back about two weeks later.

We have used Airloom in past years for Oriental carpet cleaning and have always been pleased with their work and service. We'd definitely use Airloom again.

Bill Tucson, AZ

Carol Andrews

Airloom cleaned my approx 8 x 10 ft oriental rug.

They were very prompt in picking up the rug, carefully removed the dining room table and took the rug the very afternoon I called. They graciously agreed to keep the rug longer than was necessary because we were having the wood floor refinished. When they returned the rug it looked beautiful and they patiently positioned it perfectly in the room. I could not have asked for better service. I also bought 2 rug pads from them and were pleased with the sizing and positioning of those. I recommend them with no reservations.

Bill Tucson, AZ

Wesley Derbyshire

They picked up and cleaned an Oriental rug, fixed loose edges, and delivered when completed.

We had a great experience with Airloom Oriental Rug Washing Co, our expectations were met with courteous and timely services. They stopped at our home and provided an onsite quote, which we accepted. Our rug was picked up at that time, and they let us know when to expect it back. I gave a call around the date, and they were nearly complete with the work that needed to be done. One day later, as promised, they called to arrange for delivery. The rug was superbly cleaned, and looks great. I have had this rug for a while, and it has never looked better. Some frayed edges needed to be taken care of, and they did a wonderful job on that too. We also bought a pad for the rug, which has made a real difference in comfort, and will undoubtedly decrease wear. I won’t hesitate to use their services again.

Bill Tucson, AZ


I used Airloom Oriental Rug Washing for oriental rug cleaning three weeks ago.

They were excellent, very professional, and on time. Everything is A+.

Connie & Thomas M Tucson, AZ


Linda Hampton

I found Airloom Carpet Cleaning on the net and went to the web site. I found it very informative and decided to give it a try. I have had my oriental carpet cleaned by other services but was impressed by the information provided on the website

I cannot express my satisfaction with the service. When Paul delivered the carpet it looked better than when I bought it. The service was seamless and the quality of the work was beyond compare. I cannot say enough in recommending Airloom for your carpet cleaning needs.

Linda Hampton Tucson, AZ


This is the first time I've unwrapped my freshly cleaned rugs and NOT had my usual reaction to allergens. I'm highly allergic and happily didn't suffer even sniffle so I'll be using Paul at Airloom Rugs for all of my cleaning for life. Thank you for a job very well done.
M.G. Tucson, AZ

Connie & Thomas M

Did a great job did it well did it cheap and did it fast. I could see kitty and shasha comming out of the rug when dusting it.
Connie & Thomas M Tucson, AZ

M. Allen

We had our handmade wool rugs cleaned by Airloom; 3 oriental rugs and one from South America. They did an outstanding job. The rugs regained their original color and look just great. When we called them, they took the time to explain the process in detail. Then they picked up the rugs promptly and delivered them on time, as promised. We were invited to visit their cleaning facility, which we did. We were impressed with the facility, their skills and friendliness. We would highly recommend Airloom for careful, good quality rug cleaning.
M. Allen Tucson, AZ


The best rug cleaner I've done business with in all of Tucson. Outstanding customer service, quality work, and a very fair price...what more could I ask for! I am a Airloom customer for life.
Bill Tucson, AZ


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