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Air Dusting Rugs


What's the Big Deal? This is no exaggeration ... Air Dusting is perhaps the most important process involved in any rug washing method. Put together with the rest of the Airloom Rug Washing method, you get these actual photos of "everyday" dirt that collects on every rug no matter how hard you work to keep your home clean.

An alarming amount of dust remains even after a "professional" extraction or surface cleaning are done. People are appalled at what comes out of their freshly cleaned rugs when they see what we remove using our patented air dusting tool.

History shows the demand

History shows that rug production created the bigger need for dusting services in the United States.

The American carpet and rug manufacturing industry did not get under way until protective tariffs were imposed on foreign imports in the 1820s.

These laws increased the tax per yard on British textiles, making American manufacturing economically possible.

Soon after, the invention of the steam-operated loom in 1839 revolutionized the carpet and rug industry, making domestic carpet easily affordable.

With that, there was a growing trend to furnish homes and places of business with carpet and/or rugs. It would not be long before the dusting method would be automated.

Service companies were created to handle the need. Wall-to-wall tacked-down carpet went through an in-plant service provider for such a process. All kinds of inventions were appearing.

On June 5, 1869, Ives W. McGaffey obtained a patent on the first hand-pumped vacuum in the United States.

At the beginning of the 20th century, devices were made using fan motors that led to the portable electric vacuum cleaner. The Electric Suction Sweeper Co. emerged with a patented device in 1908.

The founder’s cousin, William Hoover, was one of the first buyers. He went on to become the president of the Hoover Company.

Melville and Anna Bissell did not like the dust in their crockery shop in Grand Rapids, MI, so they created what evolved into the Bissell Carpet Sweeper.

Even before the foregoing, a wood and canvas contraption, known as the Whirlwind, came to birth in Chicago.

The foregoing in no way is a comprehensive history on rug care, but shows that dusting rugs or carpet took various paths to today’s modern technology.

15.6# of weight when rug was brought into our shop for washing 14.6# of weight after just our patented Air Dusting Tool was used before complete washing. Finally, 13.4# of weight after Air Dusting and completed Washing in our shop.

So, what does just 2.2 # of dust & dirt look like?

NOTE: From the webmaster - this is a true & certified statement that these photos taken by the owner have NOT been altered, enhanced or otherwise changed for dramatic effect.

It is a true representation of the surprising amount of dirt that we dust, wash and completely expel from every rug that comes into our shop.

And, it isn't just dust & direct but all sorts of unseen pollutants and allergens that we remove along with the dust that affects your Indoor Air on...

We 'wash' and air dust all pollutants from your rugs. Depending on your lifestyle habits, where you live and other factors, here are just a few of the pollutants affecting your Indoor Air Quality.

Dead Skin Cells
Dust Mites
Mold & Mold Spore
Smoke and Pet Dander

If we did not wash your rug, your rug is still dirty!

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Rugs Will NOT Shrink or change shape after washing
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